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Looking to study / visit or adventure abroad while earning passive income?

Earn up to 10% ROI + that Dream is 100,000 Coins away

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Crypto currency is not great for your blood pressure with prices soaring and plummeting on weekly basis there is a fast buck to be made but also alot to lose..

Every 24hrs Bitcoin price fluctuates more than 1,000 times... If you buy low and sell high during this time, trading with one bitcoin will earn you 2% profit or more.
Challenges are:

1. Fluctuations happens quite faster than you can trade hence why we use programmed robots.

2. Only few people can afford 1 bitcoin and trading with less will yield insignificant interest hence the need for a platform to pool funds together and split profit according to individual investment.


1. NORTHLANDBITCOINS.com is the platform and it uses trading bot(robots). We also use sophisticated ASIC miners for mining coins.
2. We use the investment platform to pool and trade large sums of cryto assets. Individually, interest are insignificant but together we cannot lose

By participating in the platform little interest is earned while accumulated coins will get you to achieve a dream in NORTHLAND
Transparency: All profits are generated from trading + mining in multiple currencies. There is a rare possibility of no profit but in trading with large funds more profits are made most days. This excess offset profitless day.

The Problem

Its difficult to plan alone & Strategies

In Northland New Zealand & everywhere else people want good education, health, family life & adventure, but little income. Cryptocurrencies have become a practical part of peoples lives in its acceptability (form of money) and profit tradeability(forex market) but the latter is not easy and a majority would rather find a place to get instant high profit & mostly loose it.

The solution

Earn coins achieve that dream

Invest in a choice plan for little profit and earn Coins. We gaurantee your pay when your accumulated coins enters a bonus stage and we love to have you (study,visit,work,do business) with your visa achieving 50,000 coins. Profit is not significant but we love to achieve more doing less by seeing dreams come true without much capital.


Cant Wait for 50,000 Coins?

Travel now with our agency, get(200coins) + discounted travel benefits from our global partners


(Toefl,SAT, Admission,Visa)




(visa,bookings,local guide)


(work visa,advisory,skill mastery)


(visa,bookings,foreign partners/business reg)

Interested? See How it Works

Northlandbitcoins invest your fund in crypto trading using volatility softwares & Minning

Select Plan


Earn daily profit


Earn Coins

Earn visa(50,000Coins) (study/visit/work/medical/business)

Investment Process

Select a Plan

After successful registration, investors can select from a list of profitable investment plans from as low as a hundred USD to fifty thousand USD with each plan having suitable investment duration of 30, 60, and 90 days respectively.

Make Deposit

Northland allows investors to deposit variety of crypto currency to invest ( BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP)

Earn Daily

Our robots do the job, just watch your investment profit daily from your dashboard


Investors can withdraw interest daily with minimum withdrawal of 100USD. Capital is witheld until the selected duration for investment elapse.

Investment coins

investors earn coins on each plan. coins are used to categorize investors into stages. Benefits: Stage1-70,00coins($500) | Stage2-15,000coins($1,500) | Stage3-30,000coins($5,000) | Stage4-50,000coins($10,000) see details at FAQs

Referal Bonus

investors earn referal bonus in percentage of coins up to 10 generations. Level1-10% | Level2-3% | Level3-1% | Level4-0.8% | Level5-0.6% | Level6-0.3% | Level7-0.2% | Level8-0.1% | Level9-0.07% | Level10-0.04%

If your referer invest in plan 4(1,420coins) you earn (142coins)

If you have Investment Plans

you wont struggle .
Package Name
  • Deposit range
  • Interest
  • Interest
  • Interest
  • coins Earned
  • Referal Bonus
  • $100 - $1000
  • 30days - 4%
  • 60days - 5%
  • 90days - 10%
  • 120 coins
  • $1010 - $5000
  • 30days - 4%
  • 60days - 5%
  • 90days - 10%
  • 250 coins
  • $5010 - $10000
  • 30days - 4%
  • 60days - 5%
  • 90days - 10%
  • 550 coins
  • $1010 - $50000
  • 30days - 4%
  • 60days - 5%
  • 90days - 10%
  • 1420 coins

Investment Calculator

Investment Amount $:

Investment Plans:

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Total Profit: $0

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About Northlandbitcoins

We are a profitable cryptocurrencies trading experts comprising a team of experienced professionals, who also utilise hi-tech processors for crytocurrency mining. Our investment plans gives everyone the opportunity to benefit fairly off our complete, easy-to-use solution for everyday crypto life. Northlandbitcoins's vision surpasses trading and mining. It's not a crypto-trading investment project only. It is a complete crypto service to earn, receive instant bank payment conveniently, a market place, exchange, blockchain, and its own cryptocurrency NORTHLAND(NLB). Dont miss your opportunity to be a part of this

The Question everyone ask

How do we make profit? PRICE FLUCTUATIONS, POWERFUL MARKET ANALYTICS & INSIDER INFORMATION SUPPORT What profits us and any other crypto trader is the fluctuations in prices and this is how we take advantage of it. You know Every time the price of a currency drops and you quickly rush to buy and waits for it to rise and then you sell, making little profit? Remember how you will miss several fluctuations Cos it’s almost impossible to sit and watch your computer screen for price change? Now imagine buying and selling and you did not miss any fluctuation in a day, making profit for each rise and fall of a certain currency...Not easy right? Now stop imagining and just let our volatility robot do this for you.

We also take advantage of pooling of capitals for professional trading at maximum volumes, investments in high profit ICO companies, and the use of efficient technologies in the mining of cryptocurrencies


- NORTHLAND BITCOINS Is a crytocurrency platform in partnership with travel agencies where our citizens/members earn coins and passive income investing in Volatility Robots & Minning to make profit. Mostly achieving our dreams together

-It only takes few minutes to open an account. Follow this link, fill in the registration form and then press "Submit".

- To make a investment you must first become a member of Northlandbitcoins.com. Once you are Registered, you can make your first deposit. All deposits must be made through the Members Area. You can login using the member username and password you submited during registetion.

-Log into your Northlandbitcoins.com account and click on the "Edit Profile". You can change your password there. If you want to change your email you will need to contact support any time any day.

-On the login page Click forgot password link, type your e-mail and we will send you a new password, you can also change your password from your dashboard area.

-We accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple & card payments

-No. As this would make it difficult for you as an investor to enjoy the benefits of your investment coins since your investment would be shared into different accounts.

-Your account will be updated within 10minutes after payment is confirmed. Payments are confirmed automatically using bitcoin and other accepted e-currencies.

-Yes, you can but all transactions are handled separately in your dashboard.

-Bitcoin and other crypto-currency Funds are usually processed instantly. But if we meet some issues, it will be processed within 24 business hours.

-Login to your dashboard using your username and password and click on the Withdraw button.

-Yes you can withdraw your principal amount along with your interest after your plan period complete.

-Depending on the plan you invest into, interest on your northlandbitcoins.com account is acquired after 30 day, after 60 days, and after 90 days, your balance is credited at the end of each day.

-Each package have coins attached to them and this coins determine your leadership stage. coins will benefit as free bonus token during our token sale in November, 2018 including other benefits from the organization. Note that the coins does not in any way limit you from sharing in our daily gain. But it only give you more advantage, Benefits and increased earnings.
1) STAGE 1 This is called the starter stage Partners need 7000 coins to complete this stage, by completing this stage your return on investment will increase by 0.2 across all packages you are on and will be credited with 500 dollars instantly
2) STAGE 2 This is called the beta stage Partners need 15000 coins to complete this stage, by completing this stage your ROI will increase by 0.5% across all packages. You will be credited with 1500 dollars instantly.
3) STAGE 3 This is called the Trainee stage Partners need 30000 coins to complete this stage. By completing this stage your ROI will increase by 0.0.9% across all package. You will be credited with 5000 dollars instantly to enable you start your own trading business. You will be qualified for training to start earning at least 2% daily from trading in crypto currencies.
4) STAGE 4 This is called the great stage At this stage you need 50000 coins complete it. By completing this stage your ROI will increase by 1.5% across all package. You will be credited with 10000 dollars instantly. You will mentored by our team directly to study, understand and practice the various aspect of crypto currency business we are Into as an organization. You will be given opportunity to work with directly and physically in Spain and other countries
5) STAGE 5 This is called the great stage At this stage you need 50000 coins complete it. By completing this stage your ROI will increase by 1.5% across all package. You will be credited with 10000 dollars instantly. You will mentored by our team directly to study, understand and practice the various aspect of crypto currency business we are Into as an organization. You will be given opportunity to work with directly and physically in New Zealand and other countries

-Referral/Affiliate Program is an opportunity for our members to earn some extra income by inviting other people to open an investment account with Northlandbitcoins.com using their referral link found in their dashboard. You can earn 10%-0.04% up to 10 generations referral commission any time your referrals make deposits.We also have Representative Affiliate that can earn up to 20%. Contact Support if you want to be a Rep Affiliate.

-We pay referral commission into your account Balance instantly after referral make Deposit using any of the e-currencies.

-This is one of the biggest question on everybodys mind, we have answered the question over and over again through practical teaching of our members who have undergone our training. This is only constantly achiveable trading crypto on long term with large funds using scale and point margins

Road Map

Register/Become our citizen

Create an account

Select a plan

Choose a convinient plan

Make deposit

Pay via bitcoin, ethereum, ripple or card

Earn Coins

Newly earned coins are added to your coin balance (There is no interest on coins. They are only earned when you invest)

Earn daily

Watch your investment gain on your dashboard


You can withdraw daily profit while capital remains until investment duration.(Minimun withdrawal amount is USD100)


Bonuses up to 10level generation

Accumulated coins

Earn coin stage unlocks your dream The day you signed up we started planing for this


You are a leader, leaders achieve dreams

Need NLB tokens airdrop ?

Airdrops are free tokens(NLB coins) for platform members

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