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NLB let businesses reward you when you buy a product/service! Re-spend it Anywhere, Anytime with a single username
A fair compensation for consumers, & even competition for businesses
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1. Rewards provided by businesses to promote and encourage the purchasing of their products/service are called patronage rewards.

2. This tactic helps the companies in promoting their product by giving rewards to the customer for every purchase in form of points which are later redeemed. • Banks award points on credit card purchase • Airlines use frequent flyer miles • Gas stations issue petro cards & many more.

3. This individual rewards are valueable but insignificant. This is the value harnessed in northlandbitcoins

4. Many businesses, even as small as coffee shops and coblers also want to reward customers but without the cost of managing loyalty programs or printing loyalty cards. Now they can using our app or Api. For example, if a customer reward is set to 1% of their purchase, a 500USD purchase is 5USD, therefore the customer receives 5USD worth of NLB. Every customer earns according to how much they spend in your business

5. To earn NLB watch out for the NLB coin image in store or merchant sites with the phrase "WE REWARD BITCOINS HERE"


(In simple sentences)

1. We have an understanding with businesses (partners)

2. We are building an understanding with customers (you right now) to patronize our partners

3. If this understanding is mutual, our partners will credit our users (you) with coins (Rewards/Tips) for using their product/service.

4. Coins are transferable between platform members off the chain to reduce blockchain transaction charges, and on the blockchain to any ethereum address afterwards.

4. 1Northlandbitcoin is currently valued at 0.065USD and available for 0.122USD or more at ICO.

Hope our sentences were simple to our new user :)

For Businesses

Reward customers easily & instantly

Reward customers with a single api call to our endpoints during checkouts or manually input their username, amount of reward in tokens and send. Dynamically set how much a customer earns according to quantity and price of product/services purchased. Enjoy rich data on customer purchase behaviour & how it is incentive driven. Never let a customer go unrewarded

For Customers

Loyalty is Royalty! Earn coins on the go

An NLB username is all you need. Earn loyalty rewards from online/offline businesses by simply providing your username if requested during signup or checkout. Even without an NLB account yet, simply provide your email address and we will hold your tokens there until you redeem it when you create an account using that same email. Say goodbye to the stress of keeping multiple cards and loosing rewards due to missing loyalty cards.



As businesses reward their customers through our platform API, we felt we should be at the forefront. We advice you create an account & try sending your friend some coins. Incase you are wondering how to get some more free coins. You can earn coins by staking or inviting friends. See details below

NLB Loyalty Reward

Create account

After successful registration, users can stake as low as a hundred USD to fifty thousand USD with each plan having varying duration of 30, 60, and 90 days respectively.

Make Deposit

Users are allowed to deposit variety of crypto currency ( BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP). You also get free 50coins on your first deposit.

Earn Daily

You earn up to 10% interest on your deposit which is little but you also get up to 1420coins as your loyalty reward depending on your stake


Users can withdraw daily with minimum withdrawal of 100USD. Your staking amount is witheld until the selected duration for staking elapse.

Earn Coins

Users earn coins on each plan. NLB is currently valued at 0.0065USD & used to categorize investors into stages. Benefits: Pre-stage-3,000coins($199.5[+bonus:$200])| Stage1-7,000coins($465.5[+bonus:$500]) | Stage2-15,000coins($997.5[+bonus:$1,500]) | Stage3-30,000coins($1995[+bonus:$5,000]) | Stage4-50,000coins($3325[+bonus:$10,000]+ free trip) see details at FAQs

Referal Bonus

Earn referal bonus up to 10th level for your effort (limited time). Level1-10% | Level2-3% | Level3-1% | Level4-0.8% | Level5-0.6% | Level6-0.3% | Level7-0.2% | Level8-0.1% | Level9-0.07% | Level10-0.04%

NLB Reward Details

Coin earning detials
  • $100 - $1000
  • 30days - 4%
  • 60days - 5%
  • 90days - 10%
  • 120 coins
  • $1010 - $5000
  • 30days - 4%
  • 60days - 5%
  • 90days - 10%
  • 250 coins
  • $5010 - $10000
  • 30days - 4%
  • 60days - 5%
  • 90days - 10%
  • 550 coins
  • $1010 - $50000
  • 30days - 4%
  • 60days - 5%
  • 90days - 10%
  • 1420 coins

I got coins what next ?

Sell in Exchanges(after ICO), get cash reward in earning platform up to 10,000USD + one purpose trip below(see NLB loyalty reward details above).


(Toefl,SAT, Admission,Visa)




(visa,bookings,local guide)


(work visa,advisory,skill mastery)


(visa,bookings,foreign partners/business reg)

About Northlandbitcoins

User friendly payment settlement and customer reward tokens, giving consumers a fair compensation, & businesses a fair competition using a token ticker (NLB) where a reward no matter how little can be rewarded instantly instead of being tied to a loyalty card. For example if an airline rewards her customers with a free trip after 15trips, if the free trip cost 500USD the customer can be rewarded 500/15 USD for each trip. Strategically it creates a working system by building a tested customer userbase. NLB will be available for ICO only to hasten adoption. Current coin holders will be rewarded with 3times the value of their coins during the ICO process. Northlandbitcoins vision is a cryptocurrency (NLB) harnessed for consumer rewards.

The big gain moving to blockchain

What benefit? Current coins holders will get 3x their coin value. How do I make profit trading? PRICE FLUCTUATIONS, POWERFUL MARKET ANALYTICS & INSIDER INFORMATION SUPPORT. What profits any other crypto trader is the fluctuations in prices and this is how you take advantage of it. You know Every time the price of a currency drops and you quickly rush to buy and waits for it to rise and then you sell, making little profit? Remember how you will miss several fluctuations Cos it?s almost impossible to sit and watch your computer screen for price change? Now imagine buying and selling and you did not miss any fluctuation in a day, making profit for each rise and fall of a certain currency...Not easy right? The biggest profit is in earning coins at the early time before it`s too expensive.


-It only takes few minutes to open an account. Follow this link, fill in the registration form and then press "Submit".

- First create an account, & once you are registered you can make your first deposit. You can login using the member username and password you submitted during registration.

-Log into your account and click on "Edit Profile". There you can change your password but you will need to contact support any time any day if you need to change your email.

-On the login page Click forgot password link, type your e-mail and we will send you a new password, you can also change your password from your dashboard area.

-We accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple & 100 more

Although we do not have restrictions, multiple accounts means multiple usernames, & we think a single memorable username makes it easier for friends, businesses, merchants to reward you with tokens. Think of the stress of remembering multiple bank accounts, that is the problem we are solving using usernames instead.

-Your account will be updated within 10minutes after payment is confirmed. Payments are confirmed automatically if made through bitcoin and other accepted e-currencies.

-Yes, you can. All transactions are handled separately in your dashboard.

-Bitcoin and other crypto-currency Funds are usually processed instantly. But if we meet a challenge, it will be processed within 24 business hours.

-Login to your dashboard using your username and password and click on the Withdraw button.

-Yes you can! principal amount are released after your staking period is complete. Interest can be withdrawn daily

-Depending on your staking duration, interest on your loyalty stake varies for 30, 60 or 90 days. Your interest is credited every 24hrs from your time of deposit.

-Although you get interest and your capital back, each loyalty plan have free tokens benefit as reward and this coins determine your leadership stage. Tokens are currently valued at 0.0065USD and you can exchange your tokens for USD with bonuses(See details above). Coins will also benefit as free bonus token during our token sale in ICO.
1) STAGE 1 This is called the starter stage Users need 7000 coins to complete this stage, by completing this stage you will be credited with 500 USD if you wish
2) STAGE 2 This is called the beta stage Users need 15,000 coins to complete this stage, by completing this stage. You will be credited with 1,500 USD.
3) STAGE 3 This is called the Trainee stage Users need 30,000 coins to complete this stage, you will be credited with 5,000 USD. You will be qualified for our royal user reward draw (10,000USD).
4) STAGE 4 This is called the great stage At this stage you must have earned 50,000 coins . By completing this stage you will be credited with 10,000 USD instantly. You will mentored by our partner directly to process a free choice visa(study, visit or work).

-Referral/Affiliate Program is an opportunity for users to earn extra income using the referral link found on the user dashboard. You can earn 10%-0.04% up to 10 generations referral commission. We also welcome representative affiliate that can earn up to 20%. Contact Support if you want to be a Rep affiliate.

-Referral commission is paid into your account balance instantly after a referral make a deposit for any loyalty plan.

-This is one big question you get from investors. We settle payments of rewards between businesses and loyal cusotmers free but for a little fee of 1.5% when funds is transfered out of our platform. We love trading crypto on long term with large funds using scale and point margins


March 2017

Idea found

March 2017 - June 2017

Market research, consultations with experts & technical analysts.

October 2017

Brand Awareness, Marketing(Europe)

October 2017 - November 2017

Brand Awareness, Marketing (Africa)

Dec 2017

Platform loyalty reward & bounty

May 2018

Merchant Api dev

June 2018

Mobbile App Launch

Dec 2018

Current Coin holders get x3 in ERC20 tokens

After global conference

ICO sale to be announced

Need NLB tokens airdrop ?

Airdrops are free tokens(NLB coins) for platform members

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